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Identity Theft: True Claims Stories

Choosing Intact (Novex Group) as your Unifor group insurance policy comes with the option to buy identity theft coverage. Intact has provided real examples from everyday scenarios to help you understand the risk of identity theft. Identity theft affects thousands of Canadians every year, and the perpetrators of this crime have found many ways to use a stolen identity.

As we become more digital, our exposure to identify theft becomes greater. Here are some real examples where Intact’s “my name” Identity Theft Assistance Plus provided coverage to help victims recover from identity theft.

Case 1: Leased Vehicle Transfer
Joe bought a car from a dealership, and then discovered that the vehicle had a lien and shouldn’t have been sold to him. Joe promptly returned the car, and discovered that the person who sold him the vehicle forged his signature and used Joe’s information to lease a luxury vehicle. Joe had to hire a lawyer to ensure that he would not be held liable for the fraud, and restore his good name.

Case 2: Forged Line of Credit
Sharon received a collection letter from a credit card company demanding payment of $1,500. Records showed that she had not made the minimum monthly payments due. As Sharon had never had an account with the credit card company and did not own the card in question, she knew she had been a victim of identity theft and promptly took the steps to begin recovery.

Case 3: Break and Enter
Darren’s home was broken into, goods were stolen, and he made an insurance claim which was settled. One year later, Darren discovered that a tax return had been filed under his name and the person who filed it had used Darren’s personal information to generate a large tax refund. Investigation revealed that the thief stole Darren’s personal data from his computer. Darren needed to file his rightful tax return, so he hired a tax lawyer to expunge the false return and re-file.

Case 4: House Stolen
Jane decided to rent her house to a third party. When she didn’t receive her property tax bill, she investigated and found that the renter had used false documents to purchase her home and had secured a mortgage on the property from a local bank. The bank had to be petitioned to discharge the mortgage, and then have the title to her property reinstated.

Recovery from identity theft takes time…and money. That’s why my name Identity Theft Assistance Plus
makes sense. For just a few dollars a month, customers get all the help they need to rebuild their good name

•Legal referrals
•Legal fees
•Police reports and follow-up
•Credit bureau contact
•Credit Monitoring
•Out-of-pocket expenses

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