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$5,000 for Raise the Grade

Better Communities Program

Breckles Insurance Brokers is proud to announce that the Intact Better Communities Program has granted $5,000 to the Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club, a great community program that was brought to Intact by the Community Services Committee of Unifor Local 112.

The Better Communities Program is an annual program, created for insurances brokers to help access charitable giving by Intact. Intact’s Better Communities Program is proud to support local charitable initiatives and enables brokers to support worthwhile community initiatives; some which have been significantly impacted by the challenges of COVID-19.

Better Communities Program four key pillars:
• Child Poverty
• Youth Success
• Mentorship/Leadership
• Education

The awarded funds will go to the Raise the Grade program. This is just one of the many great programs at the Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club, all of which could use some additional financial support during this difficult time. The Raise the Grade program aims at increasing academic skill, high school graduation rates and access to post-secondary education. The program gives a select group of youths the tools and opportunities to excel in school and go on to become successful and independent.

We would like to thank Unifor Local 112 and the Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club, for educating us on their community support and giving us the opportunity to help disadvantaged youths.  Unifor members should be proud to know that Unifor Local 112 did an impressive job with their proposal for this grant.

Congratulations Unifor Local 112 and the Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club

In Solidarity,

Breckles Insurance Brokers