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Jun 22, 2017 / By admin

Unifor Insurance – Summer Savings Tips!

As a Unifor member, you, your spouse and dependents qualify for discounts up to 10% on your home and auto insurance. Wherever summer takes you, we know the extra spending cash is always helpful for each adventure. Here are some easy ways to get more savings out of your insurance. Take advantage of these discounts today by calling a Unifor Insurance Broker.

1. Bundle your home and auto policies. When it comes to home and auto insurance, there is significant savings by insuring multiple vehicles, or bundling your home and auto insurance policies together, you can expect to save up to 18% through a multi-policy discount.

2. Winter Tire Discount – Really? Did you know the winter tire discount stays on your insurance policy all year even though you don’t use winter tires in the summer? If you use winter tires during winter it’s a good time to start taking advantage of the discount today.

3. Telematics – Immediate discount of 10% on your auto insurance premium. Download our phone app to record your driving behaviour, including braking, acceleration and time of day you drive. Certain driving behaviours will earn you an additional discounts up to 25% off your car insurance premium at renewal! If you don’t qualify for additional discounts you are still entitled to your standard renewal without any surcharges as a result of the telematics app data.

Start saving today! Call 1-877-229-4677 to start your summer savings!

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